Looking for an Exceptional Hair Cut in Sydney?

Located in Pyrmont, I Hair Stage is dedicated to creating the style you want,  efficiently and professionally.  Whether it's for a special occasion or you just want to update your look, the team at I Hair Stage are ready to help you cut, colour and style your way to a fresh you.  I Hair Stage use and recommend De Lorenzo Professional products to all their customers.


Cutting & StylingI-Hair-Stage-Salon-Pyrmont-Sydney-Australia-Inside

Find a style to inspire a change of look, at your De Lorenza Professional Salon.  Here are some of the latest styles that are used by some of the world's most renowned hair stylists.

*  The Soft Cut:  A delicate cutting technique that maximises body and emphasises the texture and movement of your hair.  Softness and lightness are apparent even in more structured styles.

* The Dancing Cut, ~ Dancing Hair:  Requires delicacy and finesse,  with even greater emphasis on the movement and flow of the hair. The result is that your hair seems to dance around you at your slightest gesture. It is always moving.

*  The Scoop Cut:  The scoop cut technique gives a serrated edge to the layers for a more creative, dynamic effect, in which softness is a key focus.  The look at the moment is unstructured, and giving the hair freedom is essential.

*  The Used Cut:  The cut for a naturally styled/ unstyled look. The hair is lighter, with maximum texture and body emphasised by intentionally imperfect rebellious locks of hair. (See the 'Blonde Techniques' photo below.)


  Blonde Techniques at I Hair Stage 

De Lorenzo professional salon colours and home colour maintenance ranges are developed using natural botanical extracts, UV inhibitors and designed to provide superior shine, longevity. De Lorenzo Novacolor Professional salon colours are the only professional colour products made in Australia specifically for our climate.





FoilsLumino Foils

Highlighting hair with the use of foils adds depth, dimension and attitude to your style and your look.  A highlighting foil treatment can be given with or without a general hair tint, and may be for your entire head of hair or for half only. The time the treatment takes will vary according to your style and the length and volume of your hair.  A foil treatment allows professional highlight placement exactly where it can be most effective for your hairstyle.  It allows for the use of more than one colour and gives easier management of the amount of highlighting you receive. It can also allow you to keep specific areas of your natural or original hair colour as a 'highlight' when you are about to get a general colour re-do.   


Upstyle at I Hair StageWhen that very special occasion appears on your horizon, book in with I Hair Stage for your up-style. Creating up-styles is a little like sculpting a masterpiece.  Every style will be different, designed especially for you and your appearance at that special event.  It may be a lighthearted fun event or a serious formal one.  It may be romantic, dramatic, or highly individual. You may want to be noticed, to stand out from the crowd, or prefer to quietly blend in.  Sometimes an up-style can be created quite quickly,  while for other events, depending on your hair and style, it may take several hours to complete.